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iPhone 8: all you need to know

Apple is prepping up to release the iPhone 8 some time in September. For iPhone 8 release date, the newly-launched device will go on sale a week or a couple of week after the official announcement.

Apple is prepping up to release its much-awaited new flagship smartphone — the iPhone 8 — some time in September. The impending iPhone 8 is anticipated to mark an extensive change for the Cupertino-headquartered technology giant as it attempts to amaze users with a 10th anniversary smartphone that takes the company and the brand in a new direction.

The iPhone 8, as recent rumors calls it, has been speculated to include innovation-rich features including wireless charging, an edge-to-edge OLED screen display and – for the first time – the absent of the traditional home button. Here’s what we are expecting from the iPhone 8 release based on the previous rumors.

iPhone 8 Release Date

Apple has evolved a quite reliable release framework. A new iPhone have a tendency to be launched sometime in early September, either on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Perhaps by coincidence, it often falls on the week after IFA, one of the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances in Germany, which this year begins on September 1. With that being said, it only means the best guess is Tuesday September 5 or Wednesday September 6. Because the Monday is a United States holiday, the Wednesday could be more likely.

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iPhone Model & Release date

  • Original — 9 November 2007
  • 3G — 11 July 2008
  • 3GS — 19 June 2009
  • 4 — 24 June 2010
  • 4S — 14 October 2011
  • 5 — 21 September 2012
  • 5S/5C — 20 September 2013
  • 6/6 Plus — 19 September 2014
  • 6s/6s Plus — 25 September 2015
  • SE — 31 March 2016
  • 7/7Plus — 16 September 2016

As for iPhone 8 release date, the newly-launched Apple device then sees to go on sale a week or a couple of week later on a Friday, so September 15 or 22 are the best guest. As for pre-orders, it will likely open a week before the smartphone go on sale.

Will it be called iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Tim Cook-led tech company has followed a quite familiar nomenclature since it released the iPhone 3G dating way back in 2008. Apple releases a new one with a major redesign consumer product a year and then follows a year later with an improved “s” model. The most recent iPhone was named iPhone 7 so by the logic of the Apple’s naming convention, the next one would be called the iPhone 7s.

However, there are rationales to be considered that it could be changed this year. For one thing, last year’s iPhone 7 was less of a profound major departure from the iPhones 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, at least appearance-wise. If Apple does opted to launch a brand new design, the company probably wouldn’t want to call the next iteration iPhone, 7s. The iPhone 8 makes much more sense in that case.

Apple may opt to drop a bomb for its 10th anniversary, though. One speculated name is the iPhone X or 10 to mark its 10th anniversary.

How much will the next iPhone cost?

The iPhone 8 might be Apple’s most expensive smartphone yet, costing more than $1,000 in the United States and £800 in the UK, per Fast Company.

Three iPhones for 2017?

Along with the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 or iPhone X, the company is rumored to release a 4.7-inch model — which likely called iPhone — and a 5.5-inch model that will be named iPhone 7s Plus, according to reports confirmed by our source.

Only the iPhone 8 is likely to have an OLED screen display, the others with LCD displays as KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Quo said in November.

Edge-to-edge Display

It has long been an aspiration of Sir Jony Ive, the Apple’s design chief, to make an iPhone that simply looks like a piece of glass, with a screen display that covers the entire of the front panel of the device. This might finally come to fulfillment with the new iPhone 8 with the recent rumors. Apple could replace the smartphone’s aluminum frame with a glass back, and have a screen that curves around the two sides of the device.

That a design would allow the brains of iPhone team to increase the screen size of the device without increasing its actual measurement of the phone. It has been suggested that the iPhone 8 will come with 5-inch and 5.8-inch screen displays. It would also require the front-facing camera sensor to be embedded into the screen.

Vertical dual-camera

A recent report from iDrop suggests that the iPhone 8 will have a new vertical dual-camera. The leak information comes from a source close to assemble plant in Foxconn, and states that the new iPhone 8 will have a vertical dual-camera, rather than equipping a horizontal design that is found on the current iPhone 7 Plus.

The departure of home button

The home button has been a conventional feature of every iPhone since the first smartphone was released a decade ago, but the world’s most valuable company may be ready to get rid of it. Apple has already introduced advanced pressure-detection technology with 3D Touch, and last year’s iPhone 7 had a solid-state home button that vibrates instead of the traditional mechanical clicks.

The iPhone display now also wakes up when the device is picked up, so there is less need to push the physical home button, and there’s the lock button. Apple has patented a way of embedding the Touch ID system, it is a fingerprint reading technology, built in the screen, so that might solve security issues.

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Touch Bar on iPhone

Dumping the iPhone’s conventional home button could make space for a set of key functionalities which is very similar to the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro notebooks. These could include shortcuts for answering phone calls, sending messages and accessing popular or most used apps.

iPhone touch bar

Wireless charging

Batteries life are still the massive set back not only for the Apple but also with the other mobile phones manufacturers. Most still last just a day and battery technology is only making an incremental progress. This means OEMs have focused on techs such as fast charging as a compromise.

Some handheld devices and alike including the Apple Watch already use charging that requires the device to be placed on an inductive pad. Apple is going one further and allowing true wireless charging that beams electricity power from the socket would be a real breakthrough.

iOS 11

The best evidence of how the iPhone 8 could look or its functionalities will be found on the Apple’s latest software, which was announced back in June 2017 and will be shipped on the new devices out of the box. The standout features of iOS 11 are peer-to-peer Apple Pay and a redesigned Control Centre, as well as Notification Center.

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