New Apple iPhone 8 design reveals dimension and fascinating features

By far, the most fascinating feature of the iPhone 8 will be its edgeless OLED screen display, with the surrounding bezels reportedly be as thin as 4mm.2 min

New Apple iPhone 8 design reveals its total dimension and more features

The iPhone 8 will by all form mark the biggest iPhone smartphone upgrade that have seen since the very first iPhone was launched. After a few years of incremental upgrades to the Apple‘s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8 is prepping up to launch a number of exciting new devices, alongside of some features that users have been requesting for years.

Without a doubt, the most fascinating feature of the iPhone 8 will be its edgeless OLED screen display, with the surrounding bezels reportedly be as thin as 4mm. The Apple iPhone 8 display is said to be as large as that of the iPhone 7 Plus, even though in a form factor design that’s just a strand of hair bigger than the iPhone 7.

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Over the past few month of endless speculations, we’ve seen a seemingly continuous flow of iPhone 8 mockup designs and renders. The most recent arrival comes from smartphone blog, Carved Blog, which posted new images of an iPhone 8 dummy model — supposedly based on a genuine schematics of the impending Apple smartphone — aligned next to existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models.
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iPhone 8
This is extremely helpful for the prospect buyers as it gives the consumers a better sense of what the iPhone 8 form factor and design will look and feel like.

The image below is an iPhone 8 centered between the iPhone 6s and an iPhone 7 Plus. It should be worth noting that the vertical orientation of the iPhone 8’s camera sensors is a design allegedly rooted in Cupertino-based tech giant’s AR and VR plans.

Moreover, the iPhone 8 does not have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the back panel, apparently validating the previous reports claiming that the firm will either embed the Touch ID sensor into the iPhone 8 screen display or ditch it in favor of a 3D face recognition tech.

The new facial recognition feature will be supported by a new 3D sensor, along with an iris scanner; as with the fingerprint-based Touch ID sensor, user will be able to use it to unlock your their iPhone 8, as well as confirming and authenticating payments and log in to secure apps.

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Currently in testing, the 3D face scanner is outlined to be able to precisely detect a face and unlock the iPhone 8 within a few hundred milliseconds, and even works like a magic when the smartphone is laid on a flat surface.

As far as the overall depth of the iPhone 8 is concerned, the device will be little thicker than current iPhone 7 lineup. Additionally, the iPhone 8 will be slightly wider than the current iPhone form factor.

Apple’s iPhone 8 will come packed with a number of captivating features, including a wireless charging, a better battery life, improved water resistance, 3D facial recognition technology with Iris Scanner. There is also a 3D laser system intended to enhance augmented reality apps.

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