RB Ezekiel Elliott prepping up an answer to NFL investigation findings

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott could still be disciplined by the NFL even if he does not face legal charges. Ezekiel Elliott could face a one- or two-game suspension.1 min

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott — the sensational rookie in 2016 — has received a report from the National Football League (NFL) on its findings related to its investigations into a 2016 assault charges against him and he is prepping up a response to the NFL that is reportedly expected to be submitted sometime over the next week, multiple league sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.
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The league sources close to the matter said that Ezekiel Elliott — who was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys with fourth overall in the 2016 NFL Draft — could be sanctioned a one- or two-game suspension, but the NFL has denied that any final decision on punishment has been prepared, and could not be made until its investigation is finalized.
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“The NFL is looking to pin something on him,” said another source familiar with the investigation on Ezekiel Elliott’s alleged domestic violence.

It is one of the many reasons that the Ohio State product Elliott now is gearing up for a short suspension, even if the NFL insists no resolutions have been made, multiple sources said.

In July 2016, Zeke Elliott was questioned by Columbus, Ohio, police officers after a former girlfriend asserted an incident in which Zeke forcibly pulled her out of a vehicle. The district lawyer chose not to pursue the charges against the running back due to the conflicting stories. A number of witnesses at the location said that they did not see an assault occur.

When the Dallas Cowboys’ 2017 NFL season campaign concluded in January 2017, Ezekiel said he wanted a “closure.”

“I would rather it not drag on this long,” RB Elliott said. “If there was something to find, which there’s not, they would’ve found it by now. The police did a very thorough investigation. It just seems like they’re dragging their feet right now. Who knows, man? I’m just ready for it to end.”

According to the NFL’s personal conduct policy, a professional American player can be discipline by the league even if he does not face legal charges. Per league’s conduct policy, the first-time violation of the policy carries a six-game suspension, but it also authorizes for a lesser sanction should vindication factors are associated.

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