Los Angeles Lakers News: Brandon Ingram Guiding Lonzo Ball Adjust To NBA

Lonzo Ball will presumably be the Los Angeles Lakers starting point guard next NBA season and will have a lot to learn to adapt the NBA game quickly.1 min

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The Los Angeles Lakers are currently contemplating to rebuild their once-great storied franchise, to lay a foundation that the organization can build a winner on. The Lakers have several young core talented players that could develop into a superstar, but none have arrived with as much hype as second overall draft pick Lonzo Ball.

This young professional player has a peak of expectations being placed on him, but the former UCLA star has found an friend in second-year forward Brandon Ingram. Ingram shares a draft position with Lonzo Ball, being drafted with the second overall selection in the 2016 NBA Draft. Ingram’s rookie season campaign got off to a sluggish start, but by the end of the NBA regular season, he was showing glint of the potential that caused everyone to be so high on him at draft process.
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Despite only being about seven weeks older than Lozo Ball, the experience that Brandon Ingram attained in the most recent season has given him a bit of wisdom that he can share to Lonzo and other incoming rookies in the near future:

“Just with the year I have in this league, I can help him a little bit and tell him what to expect and how to go about the game,” Ingram said of Ball. “Now I have information I can give back with the opportunity to try to lead some of these guys, and put them in the right positions on the basketball floor and off the basketball floor.”

The 19-year-old Lonzo Ball, who will expectedly be the Los Angeles Lakers starting point guard next season, will have a plenty of knowledge to learn, and on a franchise that is currently light on veteran players, it could be an uphill battle. Having teammates like Ingram, however, can somewhat alleviate those concerns, even if Brandon doesn’t have anywhere near the experience to call upon that a real veteran mentor would.

There will be blooming pains, but for a Los Angeles Lakers team that desperately wants to draw an established veteran star or two in free agency next summer, it will be pivotal for Lonzo Ball to adapt in the NBA game quickly.

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