Here’s what we know about Apple’s 2018 master plan after iPhone 8

After with the iPhone 8, Apple will bring OLED screen displays to all three of its iPhone models in 2018. And by 2019, that lineup could have mostly OLED displays.1 min

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For the past several years, Apple has been releasing a redesigned iPhone flagship smartphone a every two years.

Last year, Cupertino-based technology giant wandered off from that tradition with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which didn’t have a completely new design. But in the next couple of years, the world’s most valuable tech company appears poised to break its release tradition, according to a new report from Nikkei.
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Apple may be planning to release three new iPhone smartphones in 2018, with all three of these new devices could have a different kind of screen display called OLED, which is a newer, superior technology with darker blacks and better power efficiency.
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Before we see that, the firm is expected to launch in fall a premium smartphones that’s being called the iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. This models is expected to get a full redesign without a its conventional home button, but with an OLED screen and a price tag that could reach over $1,000. But it’s rumored that Apple will release two new, more affordable iPhone variants that are more like the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

And then, in 2018, the plan is for Apple to bring OLED displays to all three of its models. Apple has began to design those iPhones, per Nikkei.

The significance in this latest report is that there is a shortage of OLED displays, which have been used in high-end Samsung Android smartphones in the past.

Tim Cook-led company would require tens of millions of OLED screen displays, which could cause other firms to miss out on the vital component. Currently, Samsung Display is the only firm making OLED displays for smartphones.

Foxconn will again assemble all of the redesigned iPhones units this year.

What we know so far is that Apple is shifting its iPhone product lineup, focusing on the next-generation screen displays. And by 2019, that lineup could have mostly OLED display panels, as well as iPad tablets.

What Apple opts to name these iOS 11-powered redesigned iPhones will be known at one of its famous product launch events, which will be in fall.

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