Pampanga Gov. criticizes doctors, nurses over 7-month-old petient’s death

Gov. Lila Pineda chastised the medical staffs on their negligence in handling cases of emergency that needed immediate attentions on their end. 2 min

Pampanga Gov. criticizes doctors, nurses over 7-month-old petient’s death

LUBAO, Pampanga — Governor Lilia Pineda criticized the Escolastica Romero District Hospital’s (ERDH) concerned medical personnel recently over the alleged failure committed that led to the death of a seven-month-old patient.

This came as Pampanga Governor Lilia Pineda met face-to-face with the concerned medical doctors, nurses and ambulance driver in the presence of the bereaved family to personally investigate the situations leading to the passing of the patient.

Governor Lilia Pineda expressed her concern regarding the alleged fiasco of the hospital staff to provide suitable medical attention and needs of the patients including the mistake on procedures and assessment conducted by the medical personnel on the 7-month-old patient.

“I am not a doctor but I (know) for the last 30 years of assisting the poor, I have little knowledge of certain diseases, you (medical staff) should admit that you have lapses on this incident,” Pampanga Governor Lilia Pineda said.

The lady governor reprimanded the medical personnel on their negligence in handling cases of emergency that needed instantaneous action on their end.

She also chastised the ERDH medical team for failing to recognize that the patient was experiencing complications for few days and failed to give immediate actions accordingly by providing an x-ray examination.

“Remember, we are not after the money. We are here because we want to save the lives of so many patients,” Governor Lilia Pineda stressed.

The 7-month-old baby was admitted to ERDH on Monday, June 19, and after four days, June 24, the patient was transferred to Jose B. Lingad Regional Memorial Hospital (JBLRMH) in the City of San Fernando where he submitted to death after eight hours due to alleged multiple complications, including dehydration and amoebiasis.

The ambulance driver was also hit by the Pampanga Governor for failure to immediately transfer the patient to JBLRMH. The ambulance driver said it is the routine of the medical establishment to wait for patients set to undergo x-ray examination in another public hospital in Bacolor, Pampanga.

With the response of the concerned ambulance driver, doctors and nurses, Governor Pineda got annoyed and told them that the door of the hospital is open for them to resign or she will just close the Escolastica Romero District Hospital.

Gov. Pineda told the medical personnel to immediately transfer the patients to JBLRMH or other nearby private medical hospital should they think that the surgical procedure is needed and the medical equipment is not enough to heal the patients as she reminded the personnel that ERDH is categorized only under Level 1 hospital.

Pineda also said that the “no balance billing policy” should always be applied most especially for the poor and indigence who hardly have the means to afford for their hospitalization. The lady governor reminded the medical personnel that poor patients and families shall not shell out even a single centavo for purchasing medicines and supplies as the provincial government allowed the hospital to use their P100,000 small cash in case there is a need to acquire medicines and supplies outside the hospital.

Pampanga Governor Lilia Pineda is firm on her decision to conduct further investigation on this case to seek justice for the family of the victim. — Mikee Sabado,

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