Development Academy of PH partners with Russian Universities

DAP secures partnership deal with two Russian universities - MGIMO and Admiral Makarov State University.2 min

DAP Russia

MANILA, Philippines — The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) has established a partnerships with two Russian universities as part of its attempt to explore and initiate academic exchange and cooperation with academic institutions in European region and other regions while boosting relations with similar groups and organizations in the international community.

The partnerships were forged through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) inked during a recent visit made by Development Academy of the Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Elba S. Cruz and Institutional Marketing Center Managing Director Merliza M. Makinano in Europe.

The MOU was reached with the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), which is an academic institution run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and widely considered the most elite university in country, and with the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The MOU with MGIMO University aims to boost collaboration between the two institutions that is designed to “enrich intellectual environment” and to “provide opportunities for contact and exchange among individuals” leading to “fostering mutual understanding and collaboration.”

This would be done through the academic exchange and collaboration, opportunities for which the two universities agreed to identify; mutual assistance in the preparation of seminars, conferences and workshops; facilitating the reception of authorized officials in order to develop a cooperative mechanism and expand areas of cooperation; and other forms of cooperation that they agreed to later identify.


The MOU was signed by Dr. Cruz and Artem Malgim of MGIMO University, with Ms. Makinano and Dr. Victor Sumsky, director of the ASEAN Centre, acting as witness.

On the other hand, the partnership with the Admiral Makarov SUMIS similarly intends to “promote collaboration” between the two educational institutions to achieve equivalent goals as identified in the MGIMO partnership.

Both universities wish to seek areas of common intellectual interest and potential collaboration, with the detailed terms and conditions in trailing the activities related to this being separately determined and agreed upon by the two parties.

Dr. Cruz also signed the MOU for the DAP while Victoria L. Marich, her school’s Vice Rector for International Affairs, did it for the Admiral Makarov SUMIS. Both partnerships will last for five years.

The Admiral Makarov SUMIS is well known for its Makarov Training Centre, which provides training for more than 13,000 cadets, seafarers, pilots, VTS operators, oil spill rescuers, MRCC personnel as well as maritime professionals through a team of “highly dedicated, reliable and competent” professionals.

The Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, founded in 1809, has gone through various changes and mergers throughout its 200-plus-year history. The university is considered the oldest and the largest center of shipping industry personnel education and training in the Russia.

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